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    To help take care of our oceans, €1 will be sent to a non-profit organization. We picked Ocean Conservancy . 🐠


    Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit environmental group. The organization helps formulate ocean policy at global levels based on peer reviewed science.


    About the product:

    Set of 6 coated vynil stickers.

    These stickers are waterproof, durable stickers! Perfect for your reusable water bottles, laptops, notebooks and other supports.



    Whale Shark: 120mmW x 53mmH

    Zebra Shark: 130mmW x 54mmH

    Spotted Eagle Ray: 120mmW x 53mmH

    Hammerhead: 127mmW x 46mmH

    #Vitamin Sea: 106mmW x 45mmH

    #Underwater: 105mmW x 44mmH



    Underwater Stickers (Set of 6pcs)

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